Carmen, Live or Dead Reviews



“Vividly Imagined”

“Visually sumptuous”

“...a whimsical set, exquisitely decorated and painted by designer Dann Barber, evoking quintessenFal Mexican beauty, alongside enchanting imagery that pays tribute to the art of Kahlo”

“Brockman’s lights are sensual and alluring, providing a sensation of transcendence that convincingly elevates the theatrical experience, whilst retaining its delicious and unique aura of street-smart griminess”

"Shaun Rennie manufactures a series of captivating moods, allowing every scene to intrigue, with moments of visceral engagement that leave an impression."

“Gamsu is a warm presence who shines in each song”

“Kroenert & Jones are accomplished with their contribuFons."


John Shand - Sydney Morning Herald

”a deliciously disorienting feeling of having fallen into someone else's dream; one that could go anywhere at any moment; one made vibrant with all the most daring colours of theatre, visuals and music; one that might just be a little bit dangerous. ”

“Dann Barber's magical set!”

“deeply personal mysticism with emoFonal devastation, and the show leavens that intensity with humour that is variously ribald, vaudevillian and very black. “

“iOTA's songs sustain the anything-could- happen edginess”

”the closing The Great Divide conjuring a performance from Gamsu that impales us on a fathomless sadness.”

“beautifully oneiric touches..”

“flaring outrageousness”

“...larger-than-life performances”

“boasting the best and softest sound I’ve ever heard in the Hayes.”